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Refugees Welcome


Refugees Welcome


All of a sudden I had this idea, that Superman and the Martian Manhunter were basically immigrants. They had lost their homes and found a new one on earth. Racist behavior and fear of exotic/alien things is often labeled with the term “xenophobia”. Not only is this term used in politics, but some people might know it from sci-fi movies and novels. Those connections lead me to create this design, where I had to find fitting aliens from different franchises, who where equally popular and well known and also had distinctive silhouettes that everyone would immediately recognize.

Through the links below you can find the design on different clothing store sites:

Teepublic, Redbubble and DesignByHümans 


My Turn, Poozers!

I’m a giant Green Lantern fan, which is why I’ve designed a very specific shirt. Kilowog from Bolovax Vik has always been one of my favorite ringslingers. He’s a giant powerhouse and still holds up in most fights, when his rings has long run out of juice. He’s probably also the last of his kind, which puts him in a Superman-like position. Somehow this makes him more relatable and explains why Kilowog can sometimes be a hardass, especially when he drills new recruits in effectively using their willpower. He simply doesn’t want to lose any more lives to the darkness of the universe. Kilowog ShirtBolovaxian Pride