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There definitely should be more Korrasami images and merchandise. I’ve spent almost the entire weekend putting this design together and I really hope that people get inspired to create their own depictions of this beautiful item. The series ended little more than a year ago and I have just ordered all four seasons to rewatch everything in a couple days. I’m looking forward to share the experience with some friends and really hope they get sucked into, the same way I did, when those episodes aired for the first time.

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Avatar – The Legend Of Korra – S4E02 – Korra Alone Review

This was simply amazing!

During Legend Of Korra’s last episode, we were shown through flashbacks what Korra went through over the last three years and how she’s been trying to recuperate and regain her strength ever since Zaheer poisoned her. After weeks of bitterness and self-pity due to her incapability to contribute to all the positive changes the world is experiencing during her absence, Korra finally seeks out Katara’s help to accelerate the healing process.

Katara is indulgent and patient even though Korra often gets frustrated and disappointed with herself. The episode takes its time showing her recovery, which made the process feel very real and relatable. Once Korra was back on her feet, I felt extremely relieved and happy for her.

After losing a sparring match against three fire benders in front of her mentor Tenzin, Korra decides to sail back to Republic City to be with her friends. She believes that the clique will help her clear her mind. However, when she arrives at the harbor, an unknown entity, resembling a tormented and presumably evil version of herself threatens her away. Korra then believes to understand that she’s the only one who can help herself getting back to normal. She journeys the world in search for Raava, which is depicted in an amazing montage.

If you haven’t watched The Legend Of Korra or liked the series so far but were skeptical if the fourth and last season would be able to retain the series’ quality, be assured that this was one of the best things I have watched in years.

This episode accomplishes in 20 minutes, what great movies would need an entire hour for. Korra’s journey is such a touching and yet thrilling experience that I felt moved and immersed the entire time. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but if you’re a fan of The Last Airbender, you’ll not only be happy about some nods to the past but even the return of an old friend.