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Refugees Welcome


Refugees Welcome


All of a sudden I had this idea, that Superman and the Martian Manhunter were basically immigrants. They had lost their homes and found a new one on earth. Racist behavior and fear of exotic/alien things is often labeled with the term “xenophobia”. Not only is this term used in politics, but some people might know it from sci-fi movies and novels. Those connections lead me to create this design, where I had to find fitting aliens from different franchises, who where equally popular and well known and also had distinctive silhouettes that everyone would immediately recognize.

Through the links below you can find the design on different clothing store sites:

Teepublic, Redbubble and DesignByHümans 


Part Of My Own World

This kind of variation’s been done a few times by now. Anyhow, here’s my own version. The outlines are really smooth and I love the strong colors. #teepublic



Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music Video Movie References

So I got bored and put some of the action movie references from Taylor Swift’s new music video in a giant collage. I’m aware there are tons of nods to other movies that I don’t mention and that the whole video has a strong Resident Evil vibe, but these were my first connotations. Hope you like it.

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood References


I’ve finally finished my Marceline “pin-up”. It took me almost a day to figure out which font I should use and how to put it on the picture without messing it up. My first idea was to use a an ornamental tattoo font but in the end I settled for horror-themed writing. Marceline

At one point I had a spiderweb in the background but it took too much away from the character and was a bit distracting. Another idea was to have everything but the axe-bass, eyes, lips and boots colored in shades of grey, but the blue pants felt too iconic to not have them in their familiar tone as well as the slightly “greenish” skin. When I started thinking about a good slogan/title dealing with “rad/red stuff”, Nancy Sinatra’s famous song Summer Wine came to my mind. Obviously, I changed the lyrics a bit.


Angry Raven

Since I’ve started posting some of my designs, more and more people seem to get interested and become followers. This is amazing but also puts me under a bit of pressure. Last week was quite productive. Here’s another design for you guys, that I’ve finished this morning. What do you think? I’m loving it. Sadly, I have a very restrictive wardrobe and only wear black shirts. In any other imaginable life, I immediately would have ordered this for myself.^^ Raven Shirt azarathmetr

Your Story

This is a caricature i did to honor a great artist and entertainer. Kevin Smith’s follow-your-interests and do-what-you-love ideology has always inspired me. I still remember watching Mallrats for the first time and instantly feeling less alone in this world.kev_demo

Here’s the design on a shirt (color orange): Kevin Smith Shirt