I hope everyone’s watching The Flash. The show is amazing and packed with countless easter eggs. During the latest two episodes, the show has successfully told the entire origin story of Firestorm and even though I never liked the “nuclear man” in the comics, this particular depiction of the character and his team-up with the Flash were absolutely awesome. Aside from Firestorm’s look, with the hair only turning into flames while he’s attacking and the strange white eyes, the effects are pretty decent. But nothing compares to the astonishing CGI-model and animation of Gorilla Grodd! This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen in comic book television and moreover it’s so true to the comics. It’s not your giant cosmic cloud Galactus, mute Deadpool-Zombie-Terminator or Batman with a roaring voice. This is Grodd  as we know and love him: A merciless, powerful, mind controlling black giant. Please, have a look at these screenshots, relive the excitement and tell me why this can’t be part of an interconnected TV-and Cinematic DC Universe. Grodd - The Flash - S01E14


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