Powergirl > Supergirl TV Show

PeeGeeA Supergirl TV Show!

That sounds an awful lot like Smallville to me and the only thing good about Smallville was Kristen Kreuk’s face (which made even the Legend of Chun-Li fairly watchable). Story’s about Kara are always great when she’s in company of other heroes, but her solo titles were seldom entertaining enough to succeed. Amazons teaching her how to fight and Supes becoming her most important mentor although she was his nanny not long ago: Those instances make for some great story opportunities but are not likely to be integrated into the show. Kal-El will probably be restricted to the big screen and a new depiction of Themiscyra is also on its way to theatres. Perhaps The Legion Of Superheroes could pop up and take Kara to the future – which would be fun to watch – but who knows if the budget suffices to create a believable portrayal of the DCU’s future.

Now here’s my idea.

Make it a show about POWERGIRL that takes place in Manhattan. There are many reasons why Pee Gee would be the better choice and I’ll give you some.

  1. Powergirl’s origin

Powergirl doesn’t need an origin story because she’s one of the only residues of the Earth-2 Universe. She has almost no recollection of her former life, which leaves her without any tethers and makes for some great mysteries.

  1. The Justice Society

Powergirl’s a member of the Justice Society, which is much easier to integrate into a show than Superman. Mr. Terrific, Doctor Mid-Nite and Jay Gerrick could be her recurring mentors and allies. They were the one who helped Powergirl creating her Karen Starr identity in the comics.

  1. Starrware

Karen Starr is always trying to make the world a better place. She’s the founder of Starrware, a company that employs some of earth’s greatest scientists and engineers to develop eco-friendly energy solutions and new futuristic technology. Businesswoman and world-class superhero are two professions that will likely involve a lot of juggling but also provide a great and established dichotomy. It incorporates a relatable microcosm featuring a typical day-to-day life into an exotic world of aliens, super-powered entities and threatening monster villains. The Starrware technologies could turn into some great gadgets to help Powergirl in her pursuit of justice but could also be stolen and misused by rogues.

  1. Terra

Other than Kara Zor-El, Powergirl has a friend and sidekick who can relate to her situation: Terra is an alien herself. Her geo-kinetic powers and her connection to an entirely different civilization under the earth’s surface make her the perfect companion for Pee Gee.

  1. Powerboobs

Karen Starr is tall, very beautiful and above all BUSTY. The fact that she’s many men’s dream girl and people tend to underestimate her because of her appearance is the perfect premise for some great jokes. The series would really stand out, if the makers kept it mainly funny and light-hearted.

  1. Costume

Since it seems very unlikely that Supergirl’s immediately wearing a costume almost similar to Superman’s suit from Man Of Steel, Powergirl’s costume would be a lot easier to implement. It has no symbols on it and basically a white swimsuit with a giant cleavage-window. I admit that it’s a bit hard to explain why a strong woman would prostitute herself like that. In the comics Powergirl addresses the boob-loophole and explains that she left the space out for a representative symbol. She needs to find her place in this world first and will then be able to close the hole. I’d suggest making the window a bit smaller and maybe even have her create a symbol that she can stitch on at the end of the first season.

  1. Giant Strength

Powergirl is almost invincible and since you can’t wreck entire cities or fly into space every episode, instead put her friends, colleagues and fellow superheroes in danger. Put her into situations where strength alone is not enough. Have her struggle to combine her personal-, professional- and secret life and also discover her forgotten past. The show shouldn’t be about powers but about relationships and not like a teen drama with lots of heartbreak and kitsch but like a sitcom with lots of quirky moments and strange encounters.

  1. The general audience could care less

Only those people who are familiar with the comics know that there are different versions of Supergirl. To the general audience it makes no difference which heroine is featured on the show. Meanwhile, the geeks get a lot of lesser-known characters (like the members of the Justice Society) to rejoice about.

So these are some ideas for a Powergirl TV Show and some reasons why I think it’s superior to a Supergirl TV Show. What do you guys think?


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